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Being a stylist of 10 years, I wanted a product line that made me stand out against others. Boy am I glad I started using Monat when I did back in September of 2016! I always had "good" hair, but I change it up so often that it used to be dull and damaged and much more stringy at the ends. Now, I've gone from a level 4 brunette, to blonde, to purple, and back to a rose gold and my hair is in PRISTINE condition. I've also had a total of 8 inches cut off throughout the last year and a half because I love my trims every time I get my hair done. It would be much longer if I let it grow longer without getting impulsive and constantly cutting it lol. Not only have my results been great, but my clients at my salon can't keep their hands off the products!! It has helped my salon business completely skyrocket and now I'm able to cut back my days behind the chair while still making more than I did before!! I began using Revive and Revitalize back in 2016, and now I use the Effortless Style System! I occasionally use Rejuvabeads and the hairspray and Dry shampoo are a must! I used to have to wash my hair daily before Monat, now I can go 3 days!! And my curls used to die in hours, now they last for days! I love my Monat! I highly suggest stylists use these products in their salon!



6 Months of Monat.....
My hair line is completely filled in YAY!!!😍



My passion and story. I was diagnosed with a very rare autoimmune disease in October of 2017. The news was emotionally and physically devastating to me. I was going bald very fast with no hope of hair to ever grow back! I was shopping for wigs, and crying myself to sleep. I started a treatment regimen of scalp injections and oral medication, it was extremely expensive and painful. I decided to stop all treatments and exclusively use Monat. I couldn’t be more blessed, thankful, and appreciative of Monat. It has given me hope again! I now can wear my hair pulled back and not live in embarrassment and have people staring at my bald spots, because there are no more bald areas! I choose to share my products with others to give women and men the opportunity to love their hair and have hope that it can grow back if they’ve experienced hair loss. This isn’t just shampoo. It’s life changing, friendship making, love and support of a Monat family. I am excited to share my before and after photos with you!



Rejuveniqe oil and 48 hours later equals no psoriasis!






I was delighted to tell our daughter’s pediatrician this week that we are now managing her psoriasis naturally! He was blown away at her results and said he’s never seen any naturally based product produce these kinds of results with psoriasis!!! We’re so blessed beyond compare!!! 💗💗💗

My daughter has psoriasis on her scalp and hairline. She’s been using Renew Shampoo, Revitalize Conditioner and scalp treatments with Rejuveniqe Oil as needed (about 2 times per week during flare ups). We also spot treat her hairline with Rejuveniqe. She’s been using Monat for about 7 months. We’ve been able to manage her psoriasis without steroids since starting Monat! So amazing! Monat works!!!




The power of HYDRATION! We washed twice with the new 💧Advanced Hydrating Shampoo, then used the 💧Heavenly Hydrating Masque (left on for 10 mins), and finished up with the 💧Advanced Hydrating Conditioner.

We used a pea-size drop of 🔹Blow Out Cream + 🔹Restore Leave-In Conditioner on her damp hair, blow dried with a paddle brush, straightened, then finished off with one drop of 🔹Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive.

She has a few inches of her natural texture then relaxed ends (as she is growing out her relaxer). Her hair was straightened in the first photo, as well.


I could not wait until the month mark!!! 25 days after using Monat her hair has grown this much 😮 finished Chemo in October and has not had hair grow back until 25 days ago! Beyond happy 😍😍


8 months ago I decided to invest in something I was a little skeptical about and and honestly, I did not think it would help.

After I had my son Jak, I started losing my hair. I found out that it was postpartum hair loss. My comb and brush would be filled with hair. I had to clean it out after every single use. I had constant frizz no matter what I used.

I could not go more than two days tops without washing my hair. As a matter of fact usually 6 hours after to 24 hours after washing my hair, my head would be completely oily. My hair would usually be up in a ponytail within the first half of the day.

At the time, I was using Biolage and It's a Ten for frizz control. These products did absolutely NOTHING.

I started using Monat haircare products at the end of July. It took less than one month before I started seeing results.

The first thing I noticed was that at one month in, I had no more hair loss, as in zero, zilch, none. 😮 And to add to that, I hardly ever see hair strands in my comb or my brush and 99.9% of the time after I wash my hair I find no hair strands in the shower.

The second thing I noticed was the reduction of frizz. I could actually control it now.

The third thing I noticed was my lack of hair washing. I was going 2 days in with no oily scalp and no washing of my hair.

I took a pic of my hair today and I just can't believe how healthy my hair looks and feels (my before pic is in the comments).

This company and their products are changing lives. They gave me confidence, helped me step out of my comfort zone, stopped my hairloss and made my hair healthy.

Monat brings your hair back to life.

🍃Naturally based, anti-aging hair care with none of the toxins found in OTC products.🍃

Thank you Monat. 💜

PS. This is a three-day hair, at the end of the day.

My go to products are Black Shampoo, Smoothing Conditioner, Rejuvabeads, Leave In Conditioner and Blow Out Cream (if I'm air drying my hair I use the Air Dry Cream).

For my last shampoo I used the Black Shampoo times, Brillian Blonde from our Colour Line and the rest of the styling products noted above, besides the Air Dry Cream.


This is my hair. The first photo was taken in November. It was washed with infusium shampoo and conditioner with a little argon oil. Then it was air dried and I believe I tried brushing it. Regardless it was a horrible sight and I remember how it felt. So dry and not soft at all. My amazing after photo was taken today. I have been using MONAT products( balance system, rejuveniqe oil, and once a week the irt shampoo) consistently for almost 4 months now and I love my hair. The only thing I did after my shower was let it dry with a Few drops of rejuveniqe oil. Best part is I am still using my original first order!!! I haven't bought shampoo in months, it's saving me money and time as I am not trying to find oils masks and mouse to get my curls back. I am mind blown and so happy I found this amazing product. 👌🏻


So excited about these results!

My friend and fellow market partner on my team finally came over and let me use her balance system on her😂😂 Affy Sparks

She has been natural for quite some time now and was getting annoyed at how much work her natural hair was until she met MONAT!

No relaxer
100% natural hair
Washed with balance system
Sprayed with irt spray & leave in restore conditioner
Blow dryed with rejuvenique oil only
Flat ironed with rejuvenique oil only

I can't believe how straight I got it just with the oil! For all skeptics😂 MONAT works on ethnic ppl & natural hair.

MONAT works period!

Can't wait to see the changes in your hair in the next few months😊😊